Purim Ball

The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum’s annual Purim Ball is as beneficent as it is decadent—since 1986, the raucous soirée has served as one of the Museum’s primary fundraising events, bringing together artists and patrons alike. We have designed the event’s invitation suite and collateral since 2016, partnering with David Stark Design and Production who have made the event one of the year’s must-attend events.


Topos pb19 1

2019 invitation, printed 2/2 + foil stamping; opens to a 17" × 23" poster

Topos pb19 7

Logotype and ferris wheel icon in motion; animated invitation, which we parlayed into a series of event screen activations

Topos pb19 6

Actual ferris wheel installed at The Park Avenue Armory for the event; photograph: Hagop Kalaidjian/BFA.com, credit to David Stark Design and Production


Topos pb18 1

2018 invitation, printed 2/2; laser-cut to reveal “Purim” in the form of a lacy mask

Topos pb18 5

Invitation typography detail, neon spot color

Topos pb18 7

Masked event patrons; photograph: Aria Isadora/BFA.com

Topos pb18 3

Laser-cut invitation detail

Topos pb18 4

Invitation verso side, printed with the Jewish Museum Purim Ball’s recurring tagline, “Wear your mask, leave your black tie at home.”

Topos pb18 6

Live event props; photograph: Scott Rudd

Lace invitation in motion


Topos pb17 4

2017 invitation, printed 2/2 + foil stamping; opens to a 17" × 23" wallpaper swatch

Topos pb17 1

Invitation folded and “clasped” with a 1-color pearl sticker

Topos pb17 2

Opening of the invitation, designed to house loose contents such as the After Party card + envelope

Topos pb17 3

Unfolded invitation interior

Invitation pattern collage, composed of Purim subjects; animation translated to the event screen activations

Topos pb17 6

Screen activation at the event amid the David Stark Design and Production environment; photograph: Aria Isadora/BFA.com

Topos pb17 5

Event design detail, courtesy of David Stark Design and Production; photograph: Aria Isadora/BFA.com


Paper plates were a significant element of the 2016 Purim Ball’s environmental design, hanging from the ceiling of The Park Avenue Armory en masse. Hot pink was also significant, coming on the heels of the Isaac Mizrahi exhibition An Unruly History at the Jewish Museum.

Topos pb16 1

2016 invitation, printed 2/1 + foil stamping

Topos pb16 2

Invitation opening, designed as a 3-panel enclosure

Topos pb16 4

Invitation interior showcasing the event’s logotype in gold foil

Benefit committee letter, printed 1/1