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Hemmerle’s 125th Anniversary

Hemmerle International

Hemmerle’s jewelry designs transcend luxury; they are marvels of both aesthetics and engineering. For their 125th anniversary celebration, we teamed up with David Stark Design and Frost Productions to project an immersive, 66-minute animated film onto the walls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Temple of Dendur.

Topos hemmerle 2

Photograph by: © Mun Kong / Frost Productions

Topos hemmerle 1

Photograph by: © Mun Kong / Frost Productions

While a celebration of its history, Hemerle’s anniversary party was also meant to usher in the company’s next chapter, led by the husband and wife team Christian and Yasmin Hemmerle.

The uniqueness of this marriage and its impact on the company’s moment played a huge role in the event. To tie the evening together, we wanted something that could represent the history of Hemmerle as a producer of medals as well as Yasmin Hemmerle’s Egyptian upbringing. So we chose their brass fly, an animal symbolically used as an amulet and a medallion in ancient Egypt.

To produce our version of this fly, we worked with Neil Jackson to generate a digital copy based on a 3D scan of the Hemmerle event medal.

Event preparation; this video is compatible with VR headsets

With the event taking place in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Temple of Dendur, there was little we could do to alter the space physically. Still, the landmark anniversary and overall Hemerle brand called for design on a grand scale. So, we imagined a film that would take inspiration from Hemmerle’s diverse oeuvre, abstracting their inspiration and chronicling the imaginative stories behind their process. The piece was then projected onto the walls, thus creating a physically immersive but architecturally respectful solution for the event.

Topos hemmerle 3

Photograph by: © Mun Kong / Frost Productions