Oolite Arts

What Miami is made of.

Miami was built atop oolitic limestone bedrock, an aggregate chiefly composed of small, round grains which had been carved by the ocean currents. Extending this concept as a metaphor for the artist residency, exhibition space, and programming venue we had been asked to re-name, we arrived at “Oolite Arts,” which similarly connects and re-shapes individuals of the visual arts community in Miami. Rebrand debut: March 2019.

Watch the rebrand announcement video here.


Topos oolite limestone 2

Conglomerate/community logo + logotype juxtaposed with Oolite’s namesake bedrock

Video leader logo animation; “What Miami is Made Of” tagline in use

Topos oolite 305blue 2

Primary color PMS 305 C, chosen based on the Miami’s well known area code

Topos oolite businesscard 1

Business card; 2 × 3.5"; printed 1/1

Oolite windows 2

“Windows @ Walgreens” exhibition guide; 8.5" × 5.5"; printed 4/4 with die-cut windows

“Altered States of Consciousness” exhibition animation; digital invitation + social media

Topos oolite asc opening 1

“Altered States of Consciousness” exhibition gallery guide; 8.5" × 5.5"; printed 4/4

April–May 2019 Community Art Classes booklet; 12-page self-cover, printed 4-color process

Talks: Top Curators on Contemporary Art

Topos oolite talks poster 3

Spring 2019 poster/mailer; offset 3/3 + spot varnish

Talks—Naomi Beckwith animation; digital invitation + social media

Art Sounds: Contemporary Art in Stereo

Dave Muller + Arthur Baker animation; digital invitation + social media

Residency Programs

Studio Residency: 2020—Miami Beach; social media announcement

Home + Away: Travel Residency; social media announcement

The Block: Short Documentary Contest

City block graphic identity + animation; application announcement

Cinematic Arts Residency