XYZ Type

When Ben Kiel and Jesse Ragan approached us to help launch their new type foundry, we knew that we needed to focus on the minutia—the thoughtful quirks—that made their fonts so unique. We honed in on the periods they had drawn, which held so much character that they could serve as representations of the full typefaces to which they belonged. Naturally, given that a period represents a full stop, we decided that their name should originate at the end of the alphabet. Thus, XYZ Type was born.


Screenshots from retail website design; site development by GrayBits


Topos xyz sticker 1

Logotype sticker decal, sported by Willem Labenz

Topos xyz poster 6

Poster design showcasing XYZ Type periods from their introductory line of retail fonts; printed offset 6/0; 26-1/2" × 38-1/2"

Topos xyz poster 7

Folded version of poster design; originally handed out to attendees of Typographics 2017, “a design festival for people who use type”

Topos xyz poster 3

Poster design details

Topos xyz poster 5 C
Topos xyz poster 2
Topos xyz business card 1

Business cards employing our alphabetical name placement system, always ending in the type foundry’s namesake, XYZ.

Topos xyz business card 2
Topos xyz specimen 1

Export font specimen sheet cover

Topos xyz specimen 2

Aglet Slab font specimen sheet cover; design inspired by the index of a hardware store catalogue

Type foundry opening announcement animation, featuring the logotype design and a series of XYZ Type periods