Knight Foundation

Informed and Engaged Communities

Knight Foundation is a national foundation headquartered in Miami, FL. Their mission is to foster informed and engaged communities, which they believe is essential for a healthy democracy. They invest in journalism, in the arts, and in the success of cities where brothers John S. and James L. Knight once published newspapers. Topos has partnered with Knight since 2014, overseeing the implementation of a rebrand across numerous printed deliverables. We have also spearheaded design on a number of key programming initiatives and arts campaigns, including the annual Knight Arts Challenge, Knight New Work, the Knight Media Forum, the Knight Public Spaces Forum, and the Knight Smart Cities Forum.

Knight Media Forum 2019

Topos kf media forum 19 1 V2

Keynote speaker, journalist David Brooks; backdrop design made of media windows. Photo: Andrew Potter for Knight Foundation.

Media windows; graphic identity elements in motion

Bringing Art To Life

Topos kf bringing art to life 1

Photo: Gesi Schilling

Photos: Gesi Schilling

Smart Cities Forum

Topos KF Smart Cities for Social V1
Topos KF Smart Cities Nylon Bag White Background 04424 B

Public Spaces Forum

Photos: Albert Yee, courtesy Knight Foundation.

Speak Up San Jose

Topos speak up san jose shirt 1

Knight New Work Miami

Knight Arts Challenge 2019

Animated social media promotion

Every ad we created for the campaign

Celebrate Charlotte Arts

Table Stakes

Topos kf table stakes cover 1

Book cover, printed 2 / 2 with French flaps

Every spread of the book